Saturday, March 30, 2013

Disney Inspired Easter Eggs!

 Looking to put a little Disney magic in your Easter egg hunt this year? Check out these awesome Disney-themed eggs!  

Using temporary tats! So easy, it makes me wonder how I never thought of it before! 

Print and glue for these fancy eggs! So cute! I wouldn't want to hide them! 

Pretty Princesses! Using a paint pen! 

So so SO perfect!! <3 

Use a white crayon to color in these printable stencils, then dye! 

"Hey, we're is Perry?" Perfect way to start an egg hunt! :P 

Printable Stickers!! 

Wow, check out the details this person put into their Disney eggs!! If only I had that kind of time and talent! 

Or, if you would rather enjoy your eggs THIS was, here's a mickey shaped egg mold! I have one at home, it works on pancakes too! 


BONUS: If you can't be at the Disney parks for the holiday, here's a video to make up for what we've missed! 

Also, Billy wishes us a happy Easter too! His egg hunt is kind of lame in comparison , though! ;) 

Happy Easter, everyone! 

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