Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Finding Dory

From what I can tell, this is legit folks. At first, I was afraid it was a late April Fool’s joke, but it looks like Disney really has announced the Finding Nemo sequel set to premiere on November 25, 2015!  I’m sorry, ‘Sea-quel’. ;)

This new film will take place on the California coast-line, about a year after the first film. This film will be centered around (duh) Dory, and will follow her journey to reconnect with lost loved ones and learn the valuable meaning of family along the way. The film will introduce a host of new characters!

Guys, I’m so excited for more than a few different reasons! Not only is Ellen returning to her role as probably my favorite Pixar character of all time, but it’s going to be the second Pixar movie ever to have a female lead! I’m no feminist, but I love that the studio is finally opening up to the idea of strong and interesting females to lead their big budget movies! Dory is the absolutely perfect choice in my opinion.
I am also happy to see them going about this sequel the right way. I trust Pixar completely, since I believe they do a better job at putting sequels together than other animation companies, but I was nervous about this one. Finding Nemo ended so perfectly, and was such a heartwarming story, that I was afraid that trying to add more to that story would somehow cheapen it.  But Finding Dory sounds like the perfect premise to go off of, adding to the story in a more tasteful way than say, Cars 2.

I am defiantly excited to see how this all develops!  

Things I hope they cover: 
-How/Why Dory can speak whale 

-How/Why Dory can read. 

-Why she was all alone in the first film

-How/Why she has the memory disability.

-Where she learned to ‘just keep swimming’. =)

Ahhhh so excited!  

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